Cloud-based Solutions

Cloud-based Solutions

Vincatech1 Team Solutions are fast to configure, easy to accommodate new members coming on or rolling off and provide for virtual collaboration of otherwise disparate hardware and software versions.
Mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures require elevated levels of collaboration, discretion, security, and efficiency within the team members involved. Our acquisition team solution is an extension of our project team solution.

Cloud IT solutions

Cloud IT facilitates small and medium sized business, reducing cost and letting you focus on your core business while taking the headaches out of infrastructure management and support.
You can now expand your business to new heights without having to purchase expensive hardware and software. With our cloud facility you have confidence that your data and applications are running 24×7 managed by a team of dedicated professionals in our high security data center.
Accessible from anywhere, your cloud network ensures that you have all of your business with you all of the time.

Multi-Entrepreneur – Cloud Based solutions

Our solutions are especially for those with several on-going enterprises. Our recommendations is to start with one enterprise, then over time apply the appropriate solution to each additional enterprise. This emerging trend speaks to the individual entrepreneur who organizes and operates several businesses.