Office 365

Office 365

As recognized cloud migration solution provider, at Vincatech1, we understand the various IT workloads and the best approaches to migrating those workloads to the public cloud or private cloud environments. With our expertise in Office 365 migration services, we understand and deliver fully-integrated, co-existence, multi-domain migration services. Our team is certified in the latest technology, abreast of current best practices and our services are designed to minimize the impact on your end-users, ensuring steady email flow is never lost.

Our Teams have experience migrating from several sources to
Office 365 / Exchange Online.

Our migration services

Office 365

  • Migration from other legacy platforms to Office 365
  • Migration from Microsoft Exchange to Exchange Online / Office 365
  • Migration from Lotus Notes
    to Microsoft Exchange / Office 365
  • IMAP/Google/Exchange
    Online / Office365 migration
  • Migration from Gmail, G-Drive, FileShare to OneDrive for business
  • Migration from Tenant to Tenant

SharePoint Migration

  • Vincatech1 helps organizations
    in upgrading their SharePoint from
    older version to the latest version
  • We help you migrate data
    smoothly & safely from anywhere
    to the SharePoint environment
  • We help organizations migrate
    SharePoint on-premise to SharePoint
    Online environment
  • We help migrate third-party
    applications to SharePoint

Microsoft Teams

  • Take collaboration and communication
    to a whole new level with Microsoft teams
  • We focus on delivering end-to-end solution for every component of the collaboration tool leading to increased
    internal engagement
  • We help empower employees
    to be creative and work together securely